Summer 1

This half term we have learnt that darkness is the absence of light and that you can measure the brightness of a room with a Lux meter ( we used the app LUX).

We measured the brightness of the rooms around school and compared them. We then learnt about reflection and how light only travels in straight lines.

               BED3F453-AEE9-4112-8A4E-461EECD738C1.jpeg               B47E2E4A-D669-4F1D-B767-A4CD6C028216.jpeg        FE5B52AD-D10D-4929-B666-2232717D4A0A.jpeg

We then also learnt what a shadow is and how it is made. We found out what opaque,translucent and transparent means and how they can affect a shadow of an object .


                               65791312-93EE-42EB-85F0-0FDC3ADBD19A.jpeg          C30D1C47-A4A1-4AE6-AA38-B198645407EB.jpeg        E95B470B-D31E-46FC-8644-57E3F29F008A.jpeg



Spring 1 

We have started this topic by looking at famous rocks from around the world and then we had the chance to investigate a variety of rocks in class. We were able to touch them,feel them and compare them using magnifying glasses and our own senses. 

We found that not all rocks are the same, in fact we learnt that there are different types of rock and that they are formed in different ways over  millions of years 😱.

image.jpg         D226C81D-1E35-4E9B-A2EB-78D106B9422A.jpeg   



Autumn 2

Our topic this half term is 'Healthy Humans', we learnt what a balanced diet is, the importance of nutrition and we even compared the diets of other animals.

Autumn 1

This half term, we have been learning about what a 'force' is as well as how a surface causes friction. We also got the opportunity to explore magnetic forces  and how a magnet can attract and repel.


.4675176A-D006-41A0-A82E-FEC767155C12.jpeg       75B29DED-D6E7-425B-BB7B-3829E4964B60.jpeg



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