Physical Education


The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils: 

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities- at Hapton we strive to do this in a way that enables ALL children to take part in developing skills that are transferable to all sports, recognising that all children are unique. PE at Hapton builds resilience alongside all other six sporting values: teamwork, self-belief, honesty, determination, respect, and passion.
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time- ensuring fun and meaningful situations that will inspire and motivate children to push themselves to achieve their potential.
  • engage in competitive sports and activities- We want our children to be ambitious in life and taking part in large and small scale competitions helps develop the key values of PE and school sports.
  • lead healthy, active lives- At Hapton we recognise the importance of developing good habits that will lead our children through to adulthood. This mis why our staff and governors are also part of our Healthy Hapton scheme 


At Hapton C/E Methodist Primary School, we use the Lancashire PE scheme of work to ensure progression through a variety of areas of school sports. These include; games, dance, gymnastics, swimming, outdoor adventurous and athletics. Each progression is adapted and delivered depending on the co-hort of children enabling achievement but also providing a challenge. 

Within The Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, we focus on the fundamental movement skills in order to make our children physically literate and develop a love of being active. 

As a school, we are part of the Burnley Schools Partnership which ensures that a high number of children are involved in the more competitive aspect of school sports. 


Focusing on the FMS in Foundation Stage and key stage 1 ensures that some moves/skills are automatically achieved without thought and have become part of the muscle's memory. This enables Ks2 to build upon these skills developing them into games type activities focusing on tactics, teamwork and progression. Once these skills are embedded it opens up opportunities to progress into chosen sports within local clubs. 

Assessing the children regularly against core tasks supports this progression and helps us to motivate adapt and challenge our children.  

Burnley Schools Partnership plays a massive part in enhancing our curriculum with a variety of skills alongside the continuing professional development of the staff. 

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