Summer 1 - Electricity

Our topic is under way and we will tell you how it went soon, in the mean time you can see an update in our schools news section.


Spring 2- Living things and their Habitats (classification)

This half term we have investigated animals, plants, micro-organisms and how they are classified.
we used and made classification keys, investigated the spread of micro-organisms and researched the characteristics of each animal classification.

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Spring 1- Animals including Humans (Circulatory System)

We have also been working hard on the circulatory system. The children are learning about how our bodies work. We practically investigated this through becoming organs and blood cells in the hall and transporting oxygenated blood around the body. We have also focused on what is and isn’t healthy for our bodies. The children investigated a healthy lifestyle and how exercise affects pulse and heart rate. 

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Autumn 2 - Light

Recently, we have been learning about ‘light’ and the way we see things. We learnt about how light travels in straight lines through different investigations. 

Autumn Term 1- Evolution and Inheritance 

Our first Science topic year was the 'Bird Beak Buffet' where we explored adaptation and how animals and humans adapt to their surroundings. We based our learning around Darwin’s findings and the finches of the Galapagos islands. It was fun experimenting as the birds with our ‘beaks’ and trying to get the most ‘food.’ We learnt it was definitely survival of the fittest!

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