Reading is a crucial part of all four areas of the Year Six  assessments and is essential for getting your child 'high school ready'

  • It helps with the reasoning and understanding of questions in 2 out of the 3 maths papers.
  • The more your child reads, the more they are seeing vocabulary and words which will increase their natural spelling ability .
  • Constantly being emmersed in good quality books will help with understanding sentence structures and punctuation as well as give your child more ideas, imadgination and adventurous vocabulary for when they are assessed on their writing abilty.
  • Discussing the meaning of words, answering questions about what they have read or 'reading between the lines' and finding clues to what is happening in a story will have a direct impact on the reading paper.






We often fall into the trap that now our children are older and they can decode and read the words themselves that we don't have to read to them or listen to them read anymore like we used to when they were younger.  Actually, reading the words is only one small part of 'being a reader', understanding what has been written is vital and this requires discussion, questions and talking.

Vipers vocab.JPG   vipers retrieve.JPG








 Here are some question stems to help you support your child when listening to them read.



                        vipers infer.JPG

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