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The Arithmetic paper is usually the first maths paper that the children sit. They get 30 minutes to complete 36 questions- so being speedy is key!

Key maths concepts like: timestables; multipling and dividing by 10,100  and 1000 (powers of 10);number bonds;halving and doubling,can all help build speed and make the first 10-12 questions on the paper really easy. 
HOWEVER, this is where silly mistakes can be made too.


Below, is a link to an amazing resource that we use in class. It is a duplicated KS2 maths paper that has infinite questions that are similar the the real papers. The children can complete these online and get instant feed back to whether their answer was correct. They can also be printed off too.

It is on a website called mathbot. Please encourage your child to use this even if it is a few questions at a time.  Top Tip -don't always start at 1



Another great resource that can be used at home and gives your child access to  a teacher when myself or Mr Saville isn't available . This will explain which method they should be using  for a specific type of question. It is called My Mini Maths.

As you can see from the picture below, it is useful for all year groups but the section called 'Year 6 Arithmetic Practice' is particulary useful.

This section is split into 2 .The first contains lots of practice papers and the answers too (always helpful). The second is called 'Arithmetic  16 Target questions' you can click on a specific type of question that your child has specific issues with and they can watch a video of the method and then there are a number of questions that are the same or similar for them to practice.

Just click on the picture below to explore the site.

my mini maths.JPG

Other sites that are fun and useful for consolidatiing and practicing quick maths are ;     

 Look for the free games on the above site, as some of it is paid content- It isn't too expensive though, I bought it last year when my youngest was doing her SATs and I think it was about £10 for the whole year.


If I think anything else will be helpful at home then I will update the page accordingly.









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