Dear Parents,

As the uncertainty around our bizarre situation continues and due to the success of Hapton’s virtual sports day (well done Dragons), I thought continuing the opportunity for your child to score points for their team will help remind them of the fun side of school.

As always these challenges are optional but I would love it if we could beat the numbers for sports day.

If you have ever watched the challenge show ‘Taskmaster’ you will know that the challenges can be anything and can cause extreme laughter. (The show itself is for adults, please don’t let your children watch it.)

Here’s how it will work.

I will give the details of 5 challenges in this letter, a text will be sent out to let you know which challenge will be for that week, only do one challenge at a time - these challenges won’t have many rules but will require a bit of imagination and creativity on your child’s part. Of course, we want parental involvement too as it’s a bit of fun but please let your child’s problem solving and leadership skills shine through.


What to do when the challenge is complete.

When you have completed the challenge please evidence it with pictures or a short description dependant on the task and email it to Mrs Roberts at

You must include your child’s team- Phoenix(red) Centaurs(blue) Griffins (Yellow) Dragons (blue)

Points will vary according to the task.



Task 1 –Make the most amazing picture using only toilet roll.

Task 2- Make the weirdest sandwich that you can think of. (Must be edible)

Task 3 – Camouflage yourself somewhere

Task 4 – drop a raw egg out of a high window (supervised) keep it safe don’t let it break.

Task 5- Transfer as many potatoes from one bucket to another using only 2 sticks – you have 2 minutes


Thank you so much for your continued effort and remember, only start a task after you’ve received a TEXT from school as they will be in no particular order.

                                              I look forward to seeing, laughing at and assessing your tasks.


                                                                                Taskmaster Roberts


UPDATE 9th June

Task Two, create a weird(edible sandwich) is well under way .

Check out our first entries to give you some inspiration.



UPDATE 16th June

Task 1 is well under way .

Check out these masterpieces .


UPDATE 24th June

Task 4 is looking ‘eggscellent’ , can you protect your egg?

Task 4


UPDATE 3rd July

After a slow start, task 5 is under way and the ‘ junky outfits ‘ are looking fantastic .

Each outfit is receiving triple points for their team .

Check out their creativity.


Task 5


UPDATE 14th July

Can you even see any children in these pictures. Excellent camouflage everyone .


Task 3

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