Year Six - Class of 2023 2022 - 2023

Mrs Roberts

Year six is your child's final leg of their primary school journey, it is an amazing year group, the children seem to suddenly change, mature (a little)  and they become the ultimate role models for the rest of school.

They take on extra responsibility  and relish the fact that they are the 'top dogs'.

This year not only gives them plenty of memories but is also the year that prepares them for high school.

Alongside this also comes the Key Stage Two assessments that we lovingly call SATs.

As a school we want to help your children to achieve their potential but also protect them from any intense stress or anxiety that can sometimes come attached to these tests that do only actually measure a small part of a child's potential or ability.

The quotes and statements below are just some of the philosophies we will be teaching your children as they prepare and draw closer building them up mentally and emotionally as well as intellectually.



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I will provide as much help and support for you to help  your Year Six Super Star  to reach  his/her fullest potential. Just click on the sections on the top of the page to find advice activities and useful links.


Lets do this! Go team 2023





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